A Tale of Lost Realms

Once upon a time, in a continent far to the south, there existed three great and prosperous kingdoms: Flava Pradej, Chandrahal, and Timbala.

Their prosperity came to an end when the elves of Chandrahal unleashed a terrible curse upon Flava Pradej, which spread uncontrolled and led to the end of both kingdoms. Timbala alone weathered the storm undaunted, defiant for many years; and although its people would eventually move to more hospitable lands, it is said that the city of wonders and its treasures still remain...

Back from the holidays

 11th Jan 2021

Aaaaaaaaaaaand back! Time to resume this brawl!

Holiday Hiatus!

 18th Dec 2020

Going on hiatus for the holidays, like the title says! Will be back on January 11, 2021 with more action and shenanigans.

It's going to be my birthday, too, smack-dab between two holidays... so I'm totally accepting comments as gifts. shhhh

Appearance adjustments and Sidestory

 20th Nov 2020

Chapter 10 is over, and before we move on with chapter 11, we're getting a sidestory! Shilloh had an unpleasant time acquiring his first relic, as he mentioned back in chapter 5, and now we'll know exactly why he was so indignant about it. This short story will be published in 5 parts, give or take. I hope you all enjoy it!

In order to accomodate these and other prose updates coming forward, I did some code adjustments to the site, and took the opportunity to add other cosmetic changes. I'll be uploading those changes this night, so if the site appears broken at some point, that would be why-- also let me know so I can fix it.

See you on Monday!