Not the artwork in question Paula, also known as "Elanor Pam", had a sudden epiphany at 3 years old, when doodling on the kitchen floor while her mother washed the dishes: from the back, a person's hair could not be depicted as two lines on a circle, because hair actually covered the entire back of the head and neck. Thus she embarked on her artistic journey, to the dismay of her parents.

Born in 1985, at a public hospital in Brazil long since shut down, she eventually enrolled at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro's Japanese Language course, then transfered to the Traditional Printmaking course (because transfering to Traditional Painting was hard). She kept Japanese language subjects as extracurriculars, because she was, and in many ways remains, a weeaboo.

Sometime in the 2000s, she initiated tentative plans for a comic called Sinful, which contained zero nudity and only the barest mentions of sex, but did revolve around a horny demon having extremely mundane problems while posing as a human in a vaguely medieval village. It enjoyed discouraging levels of popularity. Roughly the opposite of emboldened, she penned a secondary project, a proof-of concept chapter she named God of Destruction, about the mostly peaceful reincarnation of said god being pursued by a violent cult of old white businessmen. It immediately attracted an engaged readership on webcomic platform DrunkDuck. Faced with a conundrum, she focused on the latter, pantsying a plot, and sporadically updated the former. This state of affairs would continue until she was clotheslined by an acute depressive episode.

After some soul-searching, therapy and a few months of sertraline, she resolved to shelve her older projects and initiate a new, less ambitious one. (Yes, for those who remember Sinful, it was in fact very ambitious.) Picking up from an Inktober project, she wrote a full outline, lore and character profiles, and hired M. Rhys Bail as editor and pants-kicker. Thus was born the project you see today: The Path to Timbala, an epic tale of ancient kingdoms, spelunking gay princesses, and Shilloh's angry sheep Pakita.